Today (October 9) cloud Imperium games released the alpha 3.11 update of starcitizen, and released the preview of starcitizen: Squadron 42 and the update notice of version 3.11. Let’s enjoy it. Star citizen: Squadron 42 is a preview of the flight to the aciedo space station. In a stand-alone campaign, this is one of the main locations that players first visit. < / P > < p > this update to alpha3.11 fixes many bugs and adds some interesting content. For example, the cargo deck of the space station has been added, three new ships and two new FPS weapons have been added. Redrawing existing planets and satellites, updating the texture and geology of the ground, updating the internal layout of the space station, and so on. Starting with version 3.11, players can fight in the armistice zone around the rest station. Attention is limited to ship combat. Global Tech