The U.S. patent and Trademark Office granted Apple two patents on Tuesday, the first of which is simply named & quot; battery strap & quot;, which is very simple and clear from the content it provides. In fact, this is a strap that can hold multiple batteries and is connected to the apple watch in some way. < / P > < p > Apple said in its patent that the strap contains a number of parallel battery cells, which are installed in the strap section along the bottom of the user’s wrist. By using multiple batteries that are slightly spaced apart, the strap can still be bent and moved without fear of damaging the battery. The strap itself will have an inner frame with slots for receiving the battery and will have tapered bumps to protect the battery while reducing the volume on both sides of the strap. The whole assembly is covered. Each battery is also physically isolated from each other, which may make replacement easier during maintenance. The battery is connected to the apple watch through a pin in the connector that slides into the slot at the bottom of the host. < / P > < p > Apple says the battery can be charged wirelessly, with a coil wound around one of the batteries to charge all the batteries in the strap. While the main description relates to a typical flexible strap made of rubber, silicone or other similar materials, Apple also mentions a metal strap, in which the battery is fixed in a single link and wrapped in an elastic envelope. < / P > < p > the second patent is called & quot; fabric based stretchable strap project, which explains how to make watch strap from stretchable fabric to best fit the user. Given that it’s an apple watch patent, it’s generally thought of as a wrist, but it could extend to other parts of the body. The strap is made of a & quot; ring stretch fabric strip & quot; and can include wire guides and other circuits that can be connected to a variety of sensors and other components. Naturally, this can include sensors for measuring the body, such as ECG, blood pressure, respiratory rate, temperature, etc. < / P > < p > through the use of stretchable materials, the strap is suitable for users of all sizes, and it also holds the sensor close to the body for accurate measurement. It is understood that the fabric can withstand relatively high temperatures, which the patent defines as the temperature associated with laundry, which may mean that the stretchable strap allows Apple watch to use supercapacitors instead of batteries for energy storage. Global Tech