Apple is exploring the use of wireless charging coils on the apple watch to also provide tactile feedback, potentially leading to smaller, thinner wearable devices. Apple’s current wearable devices are equipped with a charging coil component to achieve wireless charging. But the component can only provide a charging function at present, and the technology apple is developing can make it dual-purpose. < / P > < p > in a patent application entitled & quot; electronic device with coil for wireless charging and tactile output published by the U.S. patent and Trademark Office on October 15, Apple introduced in detail a method of using inductive charging box as part of the tactile actuator of the device. Essentially, coils are used to provide tactile feedback. Apple said using the same coil for wireless battery charging and tactile output operations could help reduce the size and weight of the device, as a common component could be used for multiple purposes. < / P > < p > however, the traditional coils used in wireless charging systems are not automatically suitable for tactile drive systems. Magnets, ferromagnetic materials or ferrites, which may be part of the tactile output system, may be detrimental to the operation of the charging system when they are located near the traditional charging coil. To alleviate this situation, the patent envisages a system that can operate in different modes. Although the coil itself will be shared between the two devices, the patent states that each system can have dedicated components for tactile actuation and wireless charging. Both systems provide their own functions with shared components. < / P > < p > in charging mode, the coil will be configured to inductively couple with the output coil of an external charging device to receive power from the output coil. It will be triggered, activated, or output in tactile mode with the system. As to how it will do this, the patent argues that the coil will be energized in a way that causes the haptic actuator assembly to produce a tactile output, whether by magnetic attraction, magnetic drag or similar forces. < / P > < p > interestingly, the patent does not stop at smart watches and points out that similar systems can be used on iphoneipads. Apple has just released new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models, which are equipped with MagSafe, bringing wireless charging capabilities similar to Apple watch to its phones. Apple files a large number of patent applications every week, and there is no guarantee that the technology described in it will enter the market. Similarly, the patent application does not give any indication of when such functions will come. Skip to content