According to foreign media Appleinsider, it’s a little easier for Apple card holders to shop online in the apple store, as the virtual market now offers an option to pay directly with an apple card, as well as more traditional credit card and paypal alternatives.

although it is not a one button solution, adding a special Apple card checkout button is a welcome change for Apple credit card service customers.

users can now use the payment option through the apple store online store, and the link appears in the payment selection step of the checkout process. Now, apple card is the first choice for users to pay for goods. This option is listed above previous credit and debit cards, apple pay, PayPal, and financing options.

after selecting Apple card, users can split large consumption with another credit card, as long as the second card shares the same billing address. After selecting Apple card, customers can enter the usual order review page to complete the checkout.

Apple promotes Apple card everywhere in its online stores, including at the top and bottom of the audit page. The company offers a way to apply for the card and pay for certain large items, such as iPhones and Macs, in the form of “Apple card monthly instalments.”.

before adding special Apple card payment options, customers can choose brand credit cards through apple pay purchase. This option is still available for users who log in to the apple store with a valid Apple ID.

Apple Co., Ltd. and Goldman Sachs, a supporting bank, launched Apple card in August 2019. As an iPhone centered credit card, apple card has unique account management functions and deep integration of Apple pay. The company urged cardholders to make physical transactions through the NFC features of the iPhone and apple watch, but offered a titanium card that could be used on old-fashioned point of sale terminals.

the Cupertino technology giant continues to attract interest in Apple card through its website and physical stores. In June, Apple launched “path to Apple card,” a four month program designed to help rejected applicants get approval.