According to foreign media VGC, new research shows that playing games has a positive impact on Teenagers’ reading and writing ability. According to the national literacy trust, an independent charity, 79% of teenagers who play games read game related materials, such as reviews and books, while 63% write game related materials, including scripts and suggestions for other players.

data from the national literacy trust are based on a survey of more than 4600 children aged 11-16 years between November and December 2019. 73% of teenagers surveyed said playing games helped them feel part of the story, while 65% said games helped them imagine themselves as characters in the game.

the study found that for adolescents and people who do not want to read, games have the greatest potential benefits for literacy. In another national literacy foundation survey of 826 parents aged 11-18 from May to early June 2020, 60% of parents said that letting their children communicate with friends through games during the period of isolation would help their children’s mental health.
[UK] launched a series of games for young people through the U.K. National Association of trade and games for young people.

there are leading players in the game industry who will explain the crucial role of literacy in their work, how reading and writing provide young people with access to the game industry, and recommended reading and game lists.