Did you lose your head in order to save some money last year on “double 11”, and this year’s “double 11”, the e-commerce platform said that there were fewer rules, but the result was that “double 11 complicated rules can not damage the final payer”. Today, this year’s “double 11” has a variety of activities, such as password red packets, shop full reduction, cross store full reduction, superimposed discounts, cash red envelopes, and star live broadcasting. “When I went to school, I had to worry about mathematics. After graduation, I had to learn mathematics again for saving money on double 11.” On May 5, the General Administration of Market Supervision issued the Interim Provisions on regulating sales promotion behavior (hereinafter referred to as “new regulations on promotion”) to “speak for consumers” and say no to the promotion routines of merchants. With the rapid development of economy and society, especially the vigorous development of network economy, the promotion activities are becoming more and more popular and the means of promotion are becoming more and more diversified, which has become a new hot spot to lead the market competition. When interpreting the new regulations on promotion, the relevant person in charge of the General Administration of market supervision said that in recent years, operators have helped consumers through promotion activities, and the volume of e-commerce platforms such as “6.18” and “double 11” has been constantly updated, reflecting the strong driving effect of promotion on consumption. At the same time, operators use the Internet and other emerging technologies to make the promotion rules more complex, constantly renovate the promotion patterns, and it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false. < / P > < p > “there are more and more illegal promotion means such as grand prize sales, false promotion and failure to fulfill preferential promises, which affect the fair and just market competition order and damage the legitimate rights and interests of honest operators.” The person in charge said that it is imperative to crack down on all kinds of improper sales promotion behaviors, so that consumers can “t afford to suffer losses or be cheated” in sales promotion, and it is imperative to create a consumption environment that makes people feel at ease.

careful netizens find that some businesses will secretly increase their prices before the “double 11” promotion. When the activity starts, then a unified promotion will be promoted. The promotion price is sometimes more expensive than before. “I thought I had taken advantage of it, but I suffered a heavy loss.” Some netizens make complaints about it. < / P > < p > “when a business operator discounts or reduces prices, it shall indicate or indicate the basis for discount or reduction in other ways that are convenient for consumers to understand. If no benchmark is indicated or indicated, the discount or reduction shall be based on the lowest transaction price of the same operator in the same business place within seven days before the promotion. If there is no transaction within the first seven days, the discount or reduction shall be based on the last transaction price before the promotion. ” < / P > < p > “if the operator offsets the price through points, gift certificates, exchange certificates, and vouchers, it shall indicate in a prominent way or publicize the specific method of discount calculation through shop notices.” < / P > < p > in the era of online consumption, in order to promote products and promote sales, there are various kinds of award-winning sales activities, “but if you draw around, you can only get the consolation prize.” It is the feeling of many consumers. < p > < p > < p > the new regulations on sales promotion have made further provisions for the operators to carry out sales promotion by means of prize sales. For example, “in order to promote mobile clients, attract customers, improve visibility, obtain traffic, improve click through rate, etc., the behavior of providing articles, bonus or other benefits incidentally belongs to prize sales.” < / P > < p > for example, operators should not use the following methods to falsely claim prizes in sales with prizes: fabricating awards, prizes, bonus amount, etc.; placing prizes only in specific areas within the scope of activities; not putting or not all the commodities and lottery tickets with winning marks on the market during the activity; and classifying the commodities and lottery tickets with different bonus amounts or prize marks into different times In addition, the company did not pay the prize according to the information expressed to the consumers, and other ways of falsely claiming to have the prize. < / P > < p > “operators shall not use the deceptive way of deliberately letting internal employees, designated units or individuals win prizes when they sell with prizes.” New regulations on promotion. Global Tech