Recently, the cdpr official released a new screenshot of cyberpunk 2077 on its microblog, showing the vehicles in the game “refield”, “dance” and “Dracula 66”. Each of these vehicles has its own characteristics, so it’s definitely fun for players to drive on the road. Previously, cdpr said that “cyberpunk 2077” has 29 different base vehicle models, but each has a variety of different variants, some of which are very different from the basic model. < / P > < p > these vehicles will be fragmented in a unique way when they impact, and the damage effect of each vehicle is unique. Players can destroy their cars in a very realistic way. The story of cyberpunk 2077 takes place in a metropolis called “city of night”. Players try to find their own way out in the slums, survive in the endless struggle between gangs and industrial giants, and grow up in this city full of dirt and crime. Drugs, violence, poverty and dictatorship did not disappear in 2077. Decades later, people still retained their greed, narrowness and cowardice. But it is not only the ghosts from the past that haunt mankind, but also the new problems from the contemporary era. “Thrillers” are becoming more and more rampant: the streets are full of addicts who are addicted to an emerging form of entertainment: “super dreams.”. Super dream is very cheap, but it can let people experience other people’s lives and their emotions, especially when other people’s lives are more colorful than their own, this kind of stimulation is incomparable. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen