Xinhua news agency, New York, February 18 (reporter Liu Yanan) – New York based News Corporation recently announced that it has reached a three-year global partnership agreement with Google for paid news services.

News Corp. said that a number of its media outlets in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia will join Google’s “news show” products, including the Wall Street Journal, Barron weekly, the New York Post, the times, the Sunday Times, the sun, the Australian, the market watch website and the Australian news network.

The agreement also includes developing a subscription platform, sharing advertising revenue through Google’s advertising technology services, developing Audio News and investing in video news through Google’s social platform.

Robert Thomson, chief executive of News Corporation, said that the agreement established the rule that high-quality news should enjoy a premium, which will have a positive impact on the global news industry.

The Australian government is pushing a media bargaining bill recently. According to the draft bill, news organizations can negotiate with Google, Facebook and other platforms individually or collectively on the latter’s paid use of the former’s news content. According to reports, Google has reached a preliminary agreement with Qixi media and other Australian media groups on news content payment.