Activision has disclosed the folder capacity of the upcoming “call of Duty: black action cold war” game. It can be seen that this new work, which will land on the next generation host on November 13, will take up hundreds of GB of storage space! Since the launch of the modern war series last fall, call of duty has been criticized by players for taking up too much storage space. In addition, the “theater” chicken eating mode introduced in March this year has added 10GB of space. < / P > < p > although both Microsoft and Sony are equipped with high-speed solid-state drives for the next generation of hosts, the standard configuration capacity is quite limited. Even Xbox series X and Playstation 5, which have built-in 1TB nvmesssd, have little left after deducting system file occupancy. < / P > < p > as for PC players, Activision recently disclosed a piece of good news. It is said that the development studio has managed to reduce the file occupation of NVIDIA RTX technology from an astonishing 250GB to 125gb. < / P > < p > the Standard Version folder has been reduced from 175gb to 82gb, and the pure multiplayer part has been reduced from 50GB to 35gb. As for the management of black action cold war after its release, it is not known at present. Global Tech