Mark Russell, CEO of Nikola, said he saw the way forward even if he could not reach a strategic partnership with GM. In this case, Nikola will return to the benchmark program. Nikola shares fell 16% to $19.54 on Friday. < / P > < p > he said: “we have the ability, we have our own benchmark plan. If we have partners, it will enable us to consider speeding up development and help reduce risk. Over the years, we’ve proven that when we can use these volunteers, we’re a partnership. ” In September, General Motors announced a strategic partnership with Nikola. And will produce hydrogen fuel cell electric pickup badger in 2022. Among them, GM will acquire $2 billion of Nikolay’s newly issued common shares with equivalent non cash assets, and is expected to gain more than $4 billion in stock value, battery and fuel cell supply, product development and manufacturing, and electric vehicle points. GM will also own 11% of Nikola and can nominate a board member. < p > < p > Hindenburg research, a shorting firm, then published a research paper, calling Nikola a “complex scam” based on more than 50 lies in Trevor Milton’s career. Nikola’s publicity misled investors and falsely claimed that the supplier’s important electric vehicle technology was self-developed technology. The securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of justice have launched investigations. Trevor Milton, Nikola’s founder and former executive chairman, has left the company. < / P > < p > according to public information, Nikola is a start-up company in Arizona, mainly developing hydrogen fuel cells and battery powered new energy heavy trucks. As early as November 2018, Nikola announced a challenge to Tesla’s semi truck to launch its own new energy truck. At present, the company has not really produced a car. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure