Since the introduction of Ningde era ncm811 high nickel battery in 2018, it has attracted market attention. However, recently, the media frequently reported the spontaneous combustion of the trolley car loaded with the battery, which pushed the safety of 811 battery to the forefront. Compared with other types of ternary lithium batteries, ncm811 has increased the proportion of nickel used, making the single energy density of its battery up to 300wh / kg. Compared with the current mainstream models such as 523 and 622, the capacity density of batteries has increased by 50%, which means that vehicles can carry more batteries with the same volume of space. However, with the increase of nickel content, the stability of the cathode materials of ternary batteries decreased, which was mainly manifested in the capacity loss caused by cyclic charge and discharge and the accelerated degradation of capacity in high temperature environment. It will not only reduce the service life of 811 battery, but also increase the risk of spontaneous combustion caused by thermal runaway. < / P > < p > in February 2019, before GAC new energy aion s was officially opened for pre-sale, the company officially announced that its model used the latest generation 811 battery of Ningde era. However, on August 23 this year, a GAC new energy aion s in normal operation in Haikou City spontaneously ignited. Local media reported that the fire brigade initially investigated the spontaneous combustion incident and the ignition point was car battery. < / P > < p > earlier, on August 12, a GAC new energy electric car waiting for traffic lights exploded and caught fire again in Shenzhen, and the vehicle was directly burned and scrapped; on May 18, a GAC new energy aion s in a parking lot in Guangzhou caught fire, and after the fire was extinguished, only “skeleton” was left. < / P > < p > according to GAC’s response afterwards, the problem of car burning may lie in the design of the pack rather than the battery cell itself. According to the investigation by the new team of Societe Generale Securities and power, the spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles in May may may be due to the quality control problems of individual cells. Metal particles appeared in the battery, which led to piercing the diaphragm and causing fire, which had nothing to do with 811 materials. < / P > < p > “previously, the problem of metal magnetic foreign matter (causing short circuit combustion of battery) occurred in ncm811 cell (made by Xiaopeng himself) for Xiaopeng P7, and the problem has been solved after the production line modification.” The new team of Societe Generale Securities disclosed that the large-scale recall of es8 in Weilai last year was also caused by the design end of Weilai’s pack (Ningde power supply core, Weilai makes pack). < / P > < p > the new team of Societe Generale Securities and power speculates that the possible causes of GAC 811 battery fire are: module pack and BMS matching problem, which is generally the responsibility of the vehicle enterprise; the battery encounters strong physical impact, which is inevitable by accident; the battery quality problem is only individual, not batch problem. However, some sources in the market said that Ningde era has basically suspended or denied the 811 battery line, and the increment is definitely less used. The stock can only be dealt with flexibly, and the pressure is great. < / P > < p > “it’s a good rumor.” In response, the relevant person in charge of Ningde Times said that in the short term, 811 will still be the main attack strategy of Ningde era. Ningde era has not given up 811 cells, and parallel multiple lines has been the core idea of the company’s development of cell business. < / P > < p > according to the investigation of the new team of Societe Generale Securities and power, after the spontaneous combustion event, except GAC reduced the orders of Ningde era 811 batteries, other 811 big companies of Ningde era, such as Xiaopeng, Weilai and Volkswagen, have not changed the technical scheme plan for the time being. It is understood that the top five customers of Ningde era ncm811 battery are GAC motor, Xiaopeng, brilliance BMW, GAC Toyota and Weima, accounting for 79% in total. From January to July this year, GAC will load 11000 passenger cars and 7000 Xiaopeng vehicles. Xiaopeng is expected to surpass GAC in volume. In addition, in terms of the company’s production scheduling, the new team of Societe Generale Securities and power predicts that the output of ncm811 of Ningde times will be 0.7gwh, 0.6gwh, 0.7gwh, 1GWh and 1.1gwh from April to August 2020, and the production scheduling is steadily increasing, and the annual shipment volume is 7gwh. The company’s 811 battery cathode material supplier rongbai technology’s output from May to August was 14000 tons, 14000 tons, 2000 tons and 23000 tons respectively, which further verified the normal production of 811 batteries in Ningde era. < / P > < p > “it is not only Ningde era, but also international battery giant LG Chemical will start to promote 811 battery in 2021.” The new team of Societe Generale Securities and power believes that the industry chain adheres to the direction of high nickel and high energy density, and that high voltage and high nickel will be two parallel technical paths for ternary lithium batteries. (by Chen Kuan ran, Liu Xinjie) < A= target=_ blank>Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure