Nintendo is the biggest winner, according to the sales data of Japan’s console games and hosts in January 2021 recently released by famiton. The company’s switch console sold 870000 units in January, almost dominating the Japanese console market. Old rival Sony’s next-generation ps5 only sold 72000 units, not a fraction of NS.


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Japan’s home game console sales in January 2021

Switch series: 875389 sets (975797 sets last month)

Ps5-72420 (53715 last month)

There’s no Xbox on the list, and its January sales didn’t even exceed four figures.

As of January 2021, the cumulative sales volume of switch series models in the Japanese market has exceeded 18 million. In contrast, the total sales volume of ps5 in Japan is only 300000.

Game software sales in Japan in January

Switch “taotaro power, Tiezhao peace, chengling and all come! 》- 556733 copies

Switch “fitness ring adventure” — 229006 copies

Set up! Animal Crossing Society — 227903 copies

Switch “Mario 8 luxury edition” — 181258 copies

Switch “Nintendo star fight special edition” — 120689 copies

Nintendo also has the largest number of game software sales. All the top five games sold in January are owned by Nintendo, among which taotaro electric railway ranked first with 550000 sales.

Sales ranking of home game manufacturers in January 2021

Nintendo – 1.399 million copies

Konami – 594000 copies

Glory: 123000