Although it has launched two matchless series of works, Nintendo has not planned to make “Zelda matchless” into a series of derivative works after the release of apocalypse. However, if the right idea appears, we still have a chance to see a new masterpiece with Zelda theme. In a recent interview with IGN, the producer of Zelda series, Yingji Aoyama, and the producer of “Zelda matchless: Apocalypse of disaster”, were asked whether there were plans to make the two “Zelda matchless” works into a separate series after the launch of the two works. In response, Kenji Aoyama said: “I do think similar situations will happen again, but Yes, I don’t think we expect it to be a series. As we did this time, we made this decision based on the value it can create. ” As for whether Nintendo Da will launch more derivative works beyond the main line of Zelda legend, Kenji aowama expounds the concept of “creative priority”: “as I said before, we are always looking for valuable creative projects, but these projects will only appear when several different conditions are achieved at the same time. So, I think it’s hard to consciously control the frequency. ” “It was Mr. Fujisaki, the director of the film, who first proposed the concept (Apocalypse of disaster). He thought that only in a system like matchless can players fight against a huge army together, and it is possible to tell the story of the great calamity that has not been told in the film, so he sent me the project proposal. His enthusiasm for the project prompted me to consult Mr. Hayashi Yoko. < / P > < p > we’ve been discussing internally about the next step of Zelda, but we don’t have any good ideas. “Telling the story of catastrophe with matchless” is a good concept, so we quickly integrated the project. ” It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia