British retailers canceled pre orders for Super Mario 3D collection and said responsibility paradise was “seriously out of stock.”. Yesterday, British retailers, popular among players because they are cheaper than Amazon and game, sent cancellations to all users who have ordered Super Mario 3D. “We have just been informed that the Super Mario 3D collection assigned to us by Nintendo is in short supply, which is very disappointing. We are very sorry to inform you that we will not be able to fulfill your order after the game is released,” the email said. In addition, as Nintendo and its UK Distribution Department are unable to guarantee us that there will be more inventory after the game is released, we are very sorry to decide to cancel all orders. ” At the same time, the game will be removed from the official website. Currently, Super Mario 3D collections can still be pre ordered on Amazon and game, but ShopTo has marked the game as “sold out.”. As a result of this, one person paid 44.85 pounds in the Customers who pre order Super Mario 3D will have to pre order on Amazon for 49.99 pounds. “Because it’s cheaper than Amazon,” he says, It’s my preferred platform, but considering the current shortage of games, I think it’s better to spend more money than not to buy a game. ” < p > < p > Nintendo announced that Super Mario 3D collection will be available in limited physical and digital versions by March 2021. Nintendo has been criticized for this man-made shortage. Super Mario 3D collection will include Super Mario 64, Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. Instead of remaking, the game offers higher resolution, adapts to new screen scales, and adds joy con support and optimization. Global Tech