According to a list discovered by Japanese Nintendo, Nintendo has applied for a new trademark for “spirit treasure, dream heart gold, soul silver.”. “Heart gold” and “soul silver” are the complete reproductions of “spirit treasure dream gold · silver” released in 2001. Ten years ago (Japan sold in 2009, Europe and America sold in 2010), it landed on Nintendo NDS platform. < / P > < p > although the trademark covers more than 50 different types of products and services related to Xinjin soul silver, it does not mention the new release of classic games among them. < / P > < p > Japanese copyright trademarks will expire ten years from the date of registration. The “spirit treasure, dream heart gold and silver” was launched in Japan in 2009 and sold in other regions in 2010. It seems that Nintendo is protecting its intellectual property rights. < / P > < p > it is doubtful whether the “spirit treasure dream gold silver” will be transplanted to Nintendo 3DS just like other original games, but now the production of 3DS has been officially announced. If you happen to have the original game tapes, you can still play them on the handheld. < / P > < p > at present, baokemeng on switch platform has remade “Let & 39; s go! Pikachu let & Chen 39; s go! IBU” in 1998, and the eighth generation of series “fairy treasure dream sword · shield” released in November 2019. “Sword and shield” will be expanded through DLC “the island of armor” and “the snow field of the crown”. Among them, “the island of armor” was launched in June this year, while “the snow covered crown” will be released later this year. Global Tech