Today (November 19), Nintendo, a well-known Japanese game developer, gave the switch game “assemble! In addition to the content and functions of the animal crossing, which include the renewal of winter, the addition of new cooking methods and archiving transfer, Nintendo official published a guide to the use of games, especially for enterprises and groups using the book. In other words, in the future, enterprises and groups should pay special attention to the sharing of self built content related to activism through the Internet. < p > < p > Nintendo has always had high requirements for sharing the company’s game related pictures and videos on the Internet! The guidelines for animal friends’ Association, the company first appreciated the global game player’s love for games, and said that although the company’s games are generally for personal use, it is also understood why companies and organizations use the game in certain circumstances. But it also said Nintendo would take a series of actions, including banning the use of the game in the future, if it found that the relevant behavior did not comply with the guidelines, causing damage or adverse effects on the gamers. Let’s go! Although the animal friends club was just released in March this year, sales volume has exceeded 26 million sets, becoming a famous game of second of Switch platform sales. Global Tech