In the next few weeks, Nintendo switch will have major announcements, including two new retail first party games and the reintroduction of the announced games. The information was leaked on twitter by leaky Pandy. Although there will be some in the next four weeks

“Important” release, but the group said there would be no announcement related to the rumored new model of Nintendo switch.


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According to ‘leaky Pandy’, Nintendo has reduced the number of new first party products, but will still announce two new first party products in the next few weeks. In addition to these new first-party games, Nintendo is said to be re launching copies of the major franchises it has announced.

As always, these are just rumors at the moment, but ‘leaky Pandy’ correctly leaked all kinds of Nintendo related information in the past. In addition, with the 35th anniversary of Zelda and the 25th anniversary of Pokemon coming, Nintendo’s new face later this month is very likely to have major news. Whether this rumor is related to Nintendo switch’s “Pokemon remaking” is still unknown.