Compared with domestic cars and Tesla and other car companies, Japanese cars are significantly slower in terms of electrification. Although Nissan has the leaf such a hot global pure electric vehicle. However, its overall products and competitiveness have obviously lagged behind the current brand-new pure electric “intelligent” vehicles. To this end, Nissan has launched a new pure electric SUV ariya.

recently, we learned more about Nissan ariya through online channels. The new car will be first launched in Japan in 2021, and will be sold in Europe, North America and China in late 2021.

although Nissan has always been conservative in appearance design, the exterior style of this Nissan ariya is quite radical. The design of the whole vehicle is very similar to that of the previous release, and the front face adopts the v-motion grille of Nissan family.

the smoky decorative panel is connected with Flat LED headlamp, which has a distinctive sports style and is more fashionable. Compared with the old-fashioned appearance of the previous models, the new car is also the most handsome SUV of Nissan.

the roof color is black, forming a two-color body. At the same time, the tail uses the sliding back shape, and the rear car tail is also equipped with smoked tail wings. Although it will affect the head space of the rear row to a certain extent, the appearance is not a small bonus, which can be favored by young consumers.

the interior part is also worth mentioning. The new car uses the popular dual large screen, and the shape of the center console is relatively simple and beautiful, and the traditional buttons are integrated. The interior of the new car also sweeps away the old-fashioned and conservative stereotype of Nissan central control.

ariya is located in the compact pure electric SUV with the length, width and height of 4595 / 1850 / 1655 mm and wheelbase of 2755 mm, in line with its model positioning. And from the interior pictures, the seats in the car are arranged in the same width. It is expected that the new car can also reflect the traditional advantages of “Nissan big sofa”.

the new car is based on Nissan’s latest CMF EV electric vehicle platform. In terms of power, the entry-level version of the new car is equipped with a single motor and a front drive, with a maximum power of 218 horsepower and a peak torque of 300 n · m; the high-performance version is equipped with front and rear dual motors, four-wheel drive and matching torque distribution system, with a maximum power of 389 horsepower, peak torque of 600 n · m, and acceleration of 0-100km / h only takes 5.1s, so it has excellent dynamic performance.

although the car has not yet started pre-sale, its price information has also been exposed. According to news, the starting price of the car in the Japanese market is about 5 million yen (about 330000 yuan). It is undeniable that Nissan ariya is a good electric car, but with its starting price of more than 300000 yuan, can it really open the market?

after all, the starting price of Tesla Model y, which has a better reputation and a brighter brand, is only about 270000 yuan in the overseas market. At that time, whether the Nissan ariya, which starts at 330000 yuan, can be accepted by the market, we just need to wait and see.