According to a complaint to be filed by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on Wednesday, Google violated U.S. labor law by monitoring employees who organized protests and then fired two of them. The complaint listed two employees, Laurence Berland and and Kathryn Spiers, who were fired by the company in late 2019 for staff activities. < p > < p > Berland was organizing opposition to Google’s decision to work with IRI consultants, a company well known for its anti union nature, when he was fired for reviewing the schedules of other employees. Now NLRB has found that Google’s policy of banning employees from viewing certain colleagues’ calendars is illegal. < / P > < p > “Google’s employment of IRI is a clear statement that management will no longer tolerate employees’ organizational activities,” Berland said in a statement. “Management and their cronies who sabotage the Union want to send this message, and the NLRB is now delivering its own message: the activities of workers’ organizations are protected by law.” Spiers was fired after creating a pop-up window for Google employees visiting IRI Consulting’s website. “Googlers have the right to participate in protected and consistent activities,” the notice said, according to the guardian The company said Spiers had violated its security policy, a statement that damaged her reputation in the technology community. Now, the NLRB has found the dismissal illegal. < / P > < p > “this week, NLRB made a complaint on my behalf. They found that I was illegally fired for trying to help a colleague, “Spiers said. “Colleagues and strangers think I abused my role because Google management lied in retaliation against me. But I can’t restore the credibility of NLRB to my position. ” Google, once known as the happiest technology company, has been plagued by scandals in recent years. After a sexual harassment investigation, the company offered a $90 million severance payment to former executive Andy Rubin, sparking a wave of protests in offices around the world. More than 20000 employees and contractors took part in the strike. < / P > < p > workers also protested against the company’s decision to work with the Department of defense on the Maven project, an artificial intelligence program that can help improve the U.S. drone strike capability. In 2018, more than 3100 employees signed a petition urging CEO sandar Pichai to withdraw from the project. A Google spokesman said in a statement to the verge. “Google has always been committed to supporting a culture of internal discussion, and we have great trust in our employees. Of course, employees have protected labor rights, which we strongly support, but we have always attached great importance to information security. We are confident in our decisions and in our legal status. The actions taken by the problem employees are a serious violation of our policy and a breach of the duty of trust, which is unacceptable. ” Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure