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Generally speaking, if a game wants to achieve such gratifying results, it should not only rely on the efforts of developers, but also consider the distribution and promotion activities of different platforms. But today’s original God has some obvious exceptions: as a domestic game, original God only provides official server “sky Island service” and B station server “world tree service” when it comes out, instead of launching their own “channel service” in different application markets / platforms like other domestic games. Even the “Xiaomi channel”, which was just added a short time ago, is actually the same “world tree service” as the version of station B.

Out of what consideration, will let MIHA tour from production to operation in their own hands? After all, it’s about money.

Channel service? I don’t need it

Want to find out “why original God does not need channel service at the initial stage of online?” We might as well open the “vision of God” and go back to the public test of the original God to see what cards Mikhail was holding at that time

From the perspective of the popularity of the game, the publicity activities that lasted for nearly two years made the original God “known to everyone”, and the “edge ball” of “the rest of the legend of Zelda” also further increased the discussion heat of the game, so that the old players of MIHA tour and the “people on top” in the “game disdain chain” knew the existence of the original God.

From the perspective of distribution channels, relying on the successful experience of the “crash” series, MIHA you has established mature distribution channels at home and abroad and on IOS / Android platforms. The brilliant global revenue also means that MIHA travel has opened up the payment channels of major markets / platforms.

From the major host platform assistance and multiple internal test also let MIHA you in the first set foot in the host platform.

Considering that before the game came out, MIHA tour has already “fried” the game. Even if channel service is introduced at this time, the drainage effect that channel service can provide is far less than MIHA tour’s own “carrying capacity”. For the original God, the simultaneous launch of official service and channel service can be said to be “useless”; since there is no effect, the channel service is “meaningless” to the original God at that time.

Why is “channel service” launched now

The reason why Yuanshen doesn’t need channel service is that in the early stage of online game, the powerful propaganda offensive of mihayou has covered the player group of channel service, and channel service can’t bring additional drainage effect beyond official service. Why did the God of “invincible” land in Xiaomi store and use “World Tree clothes” with station B just five months later?

The reason is simple: after five months of roller coaster like ups and downs, the original God’s own influence has “declined”, and the original God needs channel service to “supplement new blood”.

Like most “open high and walk high” games, the original God has also caused a lot of controversy since it was launched. The first problem is that it is too similar to the rest of the wilderness. Although my definition of game plagiarism has always stayed at the stage of “plagiarism is not plagiarism”, the “sense of seeing” between the original God and the rest of the wilderness inevitably makes people feel a bit “out of play”. Later, the action comparison video of ign is more for the “anti God” players to present the hammer of the fixed tone. At this time, MIHA tour is no longer the “signboard” of the game, but the “black spot” of the game.

Later, some Korean players found that PC version of the original God will automatically install the program named “mhyprot2. Sys” in the computer. The program not only requires the highest authority of the system, but also runs continuously after the game is closed, and cannot be deleted by normal unloading process. Although the official later admitted that this “mhyprot2. Sys” is only the anti cheating program of the game, and promised to rectify it in the announcement.

But in the eyes of overseas players, as long as a software “from China” contains a program of “living in the background” and even the risk of “scanning the hard disk”, it means that the software will steal personal information from the computer and send it to the Chinese government. After the event came to light, the wind rating of Yuanshen and MIHA tour declined sharply, and the rating also changed from “magnificent” to “sugar coated shell”, losing many players around the world.

As a role-playing game with internal purchasing support and flowing water, the original God needs more players to maintain the popularity of the game. However, unlike before the sale, it is impossible to make up for the lost players only by the publicity of MIHA you. At this moment, it’s a “natural” thing to talk about an acceptable share ratio with mobile channels and launch channel services.

Channel service can expand “territory”, but what is the cost?

The topic goes back to “Xiaomi channel service”. In my opinion, the emergence of “Xiaomi channel service” is just a “compromise” deal for MIHA you. Its role is not to “bring the original God back to life”, but to let the original God “conserve energy” and leave a way for the sustainable operation of the game. At the same time, the shipment volume of Xiaomi provides a base guarantee for potential players, so that MIHA can successfully survive the first half year of online game.

Channel service can expand the game territory, but the cost of channel service is also obvious: the introduction of channel service means that the distribution channel will “draw a percentage” for in-game purchase. Take Xiaomi app store as an example, the channel revenue is generally about 50%. In other words, if you want to expand the number of players, MIHA you must give up 50% of the profits of new players.

This is why I always think that “channel service” is a “dangerous move”. Take the game on PC platform as an example. After years of evolution, almost all major game developers choose to “set up their own portal” and release games on their own platforms, so as to reduce unnecessary expenses and maximize benefits. Considering that in recent years, the main profit-making way of games has generally changed from buy-out to internal purchase, how to maximize revenue has become the primary problem of game manufacturers. At this moment, the launch of “channel service” by MIHA you even means “counter current” in my opinion, which is why I think it is a “compromise” deal.

Games are not just business

Although I don’t have much expectation for the revenue effect of opening Xiaomi channel, I still hope that MIHA tour can “survive” the first hurdle six months after Yuanshen’s launch. After all, the original God made a bold attempt to “not rely on channels” in MIHA tour. In 2020, when the channel is “collecting money by sitting on the ground”, the practice of “not going out of the channel” points out a new way for developers. The game should not be a “prop” drawn from the channel, but also a result of the labor of developers. Only by protecting the interests of developers, can we breed a better game ecology, and our players have a better chance to enjoy the game.