According to foreign media reports, when Apple announced fitness + at peloton’s first investor meeting, peloton CEO was immediately asked if Apple would be involved in the same business. At today’s time flies conference, Apple announced the launch of fitness, a streaming media fitness program for Apple watch users. The service will combine Apple watch’s health tracking features with coach guided exercise and make it a direct competitor to peloton. < / P > < p > peloton is another company known for producing high-end fitness equipment — treadmills and stationary bicycles — and combining them with online fitness content. The announcement was made during peloton’s first investor meeting as a listed company. As a result, peloton’s share price fell slightly, but it was up about 4% before the launch. In an interview with CNBC, peloton CEO John Foley said in an interview with CNBC that they were just digesting the statement like everyone else. In his opinion, this is to some extent the legalization of fitness content by the world’s largest company, a $2 trillion company, which means a lot to apple. In addition, he hinted that they would continue to highlight themselves by providing devices that Apple lacked. “They’re not going into hardware,” Foley said of apple. “They’re just content. We think the magic of our special sauce is our Internet platform. If you want to ride a bicycle, you need a stationary bike, if you want to run, you need a treadmill. ” < / P > < p > peloton’s device is aimed at a different group of people who are willing to spend thousands of dollars on fitness. It is reported that peloton’s cheapest bike costs $1895, and their peloton road + starts at $4295. Peloton also offers two different membership options. A $13 package allows a user to take a peloton fitness course, which doesn’t require any peloton devices. The $40 package requires a peloton bike, bike + or tread + with full family access to health indicators, exercise guidance, etc. Skip to content