2K announced the new news of “land of no owners 3” at 3:00 am today’s online launch of gearbox Pax. “Land of no owners 3” will be launched on the ps5 and Xbox series platforms, and players who buy the PS4 or Xbox one version can upgrade to the next generation version free of charge, including DLC content and archives, officials said. < p > < p > < p > < p > the ps5 / xsx version of land without owners supports 4K / 60fps for single player campaign, and supports 3-4 people to play separately on ps5 / xsx / s. In addition, double vertical split screen and cross platform play will also be added to this generation and next generation version of ownerless land 3. < / P > < p > at the end of the day, there is another paid DLC content that will be available in 2020. The DLC will bring a new game mode with additional skill trees and more for each treasure hunter. < / P > < p > after a whole year of exciting and chaotic journey, “no man’s land 3” continues to bring fresh and fresh content. The gearbox Pax digital exhibition was the first to unveil the new content of “no owner’s land 3”, including the new features of next generation mainframe and the latest popular and superior content (including fl4k, a brand-new skill tree). < / P > < p > we are pleased to announce that landless land 3 will be officially launched on Xbox series X, Xbox series s and Playstation 5. Series X and ps5 support single player mode at 4K resolution and 60 FPS. With the arrival of the new host is new features, as well as more ways of local Games: the next generation of hosts will have a four player split screen game mode; two mode can choose vertical or horizontal split screen. If you don’t plan to start a new host, don’t worry. Double vertical split mode will also be available for free updates to Xbox one and Playstation 4. What’s wonderful about this is that players of the current generation will be able to easily transition to the next version of the new console. If you have an Xbox one version of landless 3, you can upgrade to Xbox series X / s for free; if you have Playstation 4, you can upgrade to Playstation 5 for free. All your purchased content and game archive can be completely migrated, and then you can continue to open it on the new host! In addition, please look forward to next year’s land of ownerless 3’s support for cross platform games! < p > < p > graime Timmins, creative director of gearbox software, shared the news of another DLC to be released this year. This DLC will bring a new skill tree and other wonderful content to each secret hunter. The beast king fl4k has a new “snare” skill tree, including a powerful active skill “gravity trap”, and a new pet: Hyperion loader series. After putting skill points into the “catcher” skill tree, the survival ability of fl4k and its pets will be greatly improved, and they can also control the field with the active skill “gravity trap”. After launching this skill, the nearby enemies will be thrown into the air intermittently, and then hit the ground heavily. It can not only interrupt the enemy’s attack, but also isolate them for better elimination. < / P > < p > and fl4k’s new pet Hyperion loader will have three forms. Long range ion loaders fire slow-moving projectiles, and exploding projectiles will produce a strong starburst shock wave; while close combat bull loaders rush at the enemy and hit them with shields (or let them learn the power of whirling kick); war loaders are equipped with flame shotguns, which can throw grenades and launch tracking missiles according to instructions. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen