Speaking of Rolls Royce, most people will first think of the “goddess of celebration” sign on the roof in front of it. Moreover, the logo has also been driven by Rolls Royce to become a symbol of luxury cars. However, to Rolls Royce’s embarrassment, its model offers the optional luminous crystal Jubilee option, which is banned by the European Union because it does not comply with light pollution regulations. Recently, according to foreign media reports, Rolls Royce’s luminous crystal goddess of jubilation was banned by the European Union because it did not comply with the new light pollution regulations of the European Union. At present, the European Union no longer provides the light crystal celebration goddess option, and other countries and regions can still choose it. < / P > < p > it is understood that as early as 2011, Rolls Royce equipped its 102ex pure electric concept car with luminous crystal celebration goddess logo. Later, the logo, which is more symbolic of identity, began to be gradually opened to be used in phantom, guster, curinan and other models. < / P > < p > a Rolls Royce spokesman said that in February 2019, we sent an announcement to dealers that we were canceling the optional item of luminous crystal jubilation goddess and that it would no longer be sold to customers. < / P > < p > not only is it bad news for customers who want to choose the luminescent crystal goddess of celebration, but the models that have been delivered to customers will also face the situation of full replacement. < / P > < p > sadly, we want to tell our customers that according to the law, we will have to replace their luminous crystal goddess of jubilation, “we will inform you by email and give a full refund to replace the silver plated celebration goddess or other options on our optional list, which is a moral obligation we must abide by. Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple