At the second launch this fall, Apple announced MagSafe’s magnetic suction charging accessory, which can be used with the iPhone 12 series smartphone to achieve the maximum charging power of 15W. In theory, the old iPhone should also be able to charge with a magnet. However, macrumors’ measurement shows that it is better to give up this unrealistic idea. The MagSafe charging adapter is less efficient when used with older devices than the iPhone 12 series. < / P > < p > before testing the iPhone XS max, macrumors first tried to drain the device to only 1% of its power, then turned on flight mode, and then started two rounds of testing with MagSafe MAG charging accessories. < / P > < p > the first test results show that the MagSafe charging adapter can charge the iPhone XS Max to 13% in 30 minutes. The second test results show that the combination can only be filled to 14% in half an hour. < / P > < p > compared with the various Qi wireless chargers we’ve seen, macrumor has never seen such an inefficient 7.5W adapter, which should normally charge about 25% of its power in half an hour. < / P > < p > in view of this, as a non iPhone 12 device user, please also recognize this serious weakness of MagSafe adapter in wireless charging efficiency before purchasing. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen