The driving effect of “double 11” domestic consumption shows China’s strong consumption capacity. A public opinion report on consumer rights protection from China Consumer Association reveals the “unhappiness” behind the “double 11” Carnival. During the 27 day monitoring period from October 20 to November 15, the Chinese Consumer Association collected 14.3 million pieces of “consumer rights protection” information related to “double 11” by using the Internet public opinion monitoring system, with an average daily amount of about 530000 pieces.

is still not satisfied with many consumers except the promotion rules. The live goods are used as “standard” for the “double 11” businesses this year, and many people make complaints about the “powder absorption”. < / P > < p > the data shows that there are 334100 pieces of negative information about “live with goods”, and the daily negative information is relatively stable, with an average of 12400.

“double 11” after the online burst of “double 11” period host Wang Han, talk show actor Li Xueqin and others participated in live events, appeared make complaints about the problem of “brush data”, some netizens said that I do not know a few points in the live room, really, “Tucao” live sales can still operate. After that, Li Xueqin and others responded. Li Xueqin said that she learned about the situation from the platform at the first time because she only participated in the live broadcast as a guest and interacted with each other as a guest. She and her team did not participate in the operation of the live broadcasting room, and did not know about all the data operations. This made her realize that she has the responsibility to choose partners more carefully. < p > < p > in the view of China Consumer Association, the blind expectation and irrational investment of some businesses for live marketing are constantly being corrected by calm and sober “data authenticity”, which will force all kinds of “live show” to gradually strengthen self-examination and behavior correction, so as to avoid “flash in the pan” and dark end. All relevant subjects must have keen perception, sober judgment and positive reaction. < / P > < p > in fact, the counterfeiting of “influence” indicators such as the number of viewers “bragging” and the “water injection” of sales data has formed an industrial chain, and peer competition such as malicious bill swiping, fancy challenge and false reporting has also polluted the live broadcast ecology. The definition of customer service responsibility is not clear, and consumers are “kicking balls” when they make complaints about the sale. < / P > < p > the marketing format of webcast is indeed very popular, and it has brought more abundant consumption experience to consumers. However, there are still many problems that damage the rights and interests of consumers, such as false or exaggerated publicity, substandard product quality, and difficult to guarantee the return and replacement of goods. < p > < p > as early as the first half of this year, the Beijing Consumer Association conducted a consumption survey (multiple choice) on live delivery. The data shows that when there is a consumption dispute, 62.46% of the respondents choose to find the platform to protect their rights, 46.32% of the respondents choose to find the sales business to protect their rights, 31.23% of the respondents choose to complain to the relevant departments, 29.82% of the respondents choose to seek the anchor to protect their rights, and 23.86% of the respondents choose to seek the anchor 9.82% of the respondents chose to sue the court, and 8.07% of the respondents chose to consider themselves unlucky.

, a consumer told reporters that this year, “double 11” bought their own mask and skin care products during the live broadcast business. After arrival, there was a problem of “shortage of weights and weights”. “The number of gifts is less than that promised in the studio.” After receiving the goods, consumers also need to find customer service to protect their rights. “Fortunately, at that time, they took a screenshot of the live broadcast page, which was well documented. However, customer service told me that this problem was the responsibility of the live sales team, and they had to communicate with them before giving a reply. It took a long time.” < p > < p > on the eve of November 11, the State Administration of market supervision and the state cyber information office successively issued the guidance on strengthening the supervision of online live marketing activities and the provisions on the management of internet live marketing information content service (Draft for comments), aiming at the division of responsibilities of business entities, standardizing direct broadcast marketing and investigating and punishing illegal live broadcast marketing behaviors It is stipulated that the blacklist system of anchor with goods shall be established, and the live marketing platform shall prevent and stop illegal advertising, price fraud and other violations of users’ rights and interests, and warn users of the risks of private transactions outside the platform in a significant way. Chen Yinjiang, Deputy Secretary General of the Consumer Protection Law Research Association of China law society, pointed out that the existing laws and regulations, together with two guiding opinions, have more basis on the system level of regulating live marketing activities, but the key is the collaborative supervision between different departments. “How to organize the regulatory network and form regulatory joint force is directly related to the final regulatory effect.” Chen Yinjiang believes that it is necessary to clarify the regulatory functions of different departments, and at the same time establish a multi-party collaborative governance mechanism to ensure that there is no blind corner in supervision. < p > < p > in terms of supervision, Chen Yinjiang suggested that the responsibilities of the platform should be clarified and compacted first. “Those who provide live broadcast businesses with network operation sites, transaction matchmaking and information release services, especially those that open the settlement function, must fulfill the responsibilities of the e-commerce platform operator. In other cases, whether the platform needs to fulfill the responsibilities of the e-commerce platform operator is mainly determined according to whether the platform participates in the operation, sub Commission and its control over users.” Secondly, it is necessary to grasp the responsibility of the red net and make it adapt to the traffic supervision. “If there is any false or misleading publicity behavior, it shall bear corresponding responsibilities in accordance with the anti unfair competition law; if it constitutes a commercial advertisement, it shall bear relevant responsibilities according to the advertising law. At the same time, we will increase the exposure of illegal and illegal carrying of goods, and list them in the credit blacklist according to the severity of infringement. ” < p > < p > Chen Yinjiang reminds consumers that when choosing the mode of consumption, they should first check the business information publicized on the live broadcast platform to see whether they have business licenses. If the platform does not have a business license, it is recommended not to buy their goods or services, especially not to listen to the anchor’s guidance for private transactions. Otherwise, once their rights and interests are damaged, it will be very difficult Protect rights according to law. < / P > < p > “don’t trust the anchor’s product efficacy promotion and ultra-low price commitment, but rationally consume according to their actual needs.” Chen Yinjiang said that consumers should better keep the live video, chat records, payment vouchers and other evidence, and contact businesses and platforms to solve problems in time. If the negotiation fails, they can file a complaint with the local consumer association or the market supervision department, or apply for arbitration or file a lawsuit in the court to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests according to law. Global Tech