The company behind the $399 nuraphone Bluetooth hearing correction headset has made a new game microphone accessory that effectively turns the wireless headset into a wired headset. The microphone, which costs $49.99, allows the wireless headset to plug into any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack, so it can be used with PCs, macs, mobile devices, Nintendo switches and other game consoles. < / P > < p > here the flexible boom microphone is connected to a dedicated port at the bottom of the right earmuff of nuraphone, which means you can’t use this accessory with other headphones. In part of the long line, there is a remote control with volume control and a microphone mute switch. Once plugged in and the nuraphone app is updated, the Bluetooth headset becomes a wired game headset. < / P > < p > nuraphones, a wired mode, uses the same unique hearing profile as when connecting to a phone via Bluetooth. With this new feature enabled by app updates, Nura aims to make its nuraphones a reliable choice for gamers. In addition to allowing you to chat with friends, the profile should also take advantage of your potential listening weaknesses. When you plug it in, active noise reduction will also be activated. < / P > < p > after my brief experience with nuraphone and microphone accessories, I think this accessory is good for those who have already bought earphones. The sound performance is very powerful but balanced, and the microphone works as well as I hope. < / P > < p > Nura is not the only company that has released accessories to make its headphones more attractive to gamers. Bose recently launched the QC 35 II game headset, which adds a wired microphone to its Bluetooth noise reduction headset for a total price of $329. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities

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