Like other cloud game providers, NVIDIA chose to bypass Apple’s app store and launch a mobile version of geforce now. The geforce now service was launched in beta today, which means that more than 5 million registered users of the service can launch geforce now and play games in Safari browser on iPhone or iPad. < / P > < p > one of the benefits is that Epic Games’ fortrite can be played on Apple Devices again, though in a somewhat cumbersome way. Previously, the PC version of fortrite could be obtained through geforce now, thanks to the cooperation between NVIDIA and epic around cloud games, allowing the works of epic game store to be streaming through the NVIDIA platform. < / P > < p > as a result, anyone who has been unable to access the game can claim the game from epic’s PC store and log in with their own account. Any player who has played fortrite across mobile, mainframe and PC is likely to have linked to his account, and there should be no problem starting the game in geforce now. Fortnite’s return to IOS via geforce now was first reported by the BBC earlier this month, before NVIDIA officially announced it. < / P > < p > however, this is not an ideal workaround, and players who want to play a game that could have run natively on IOS devices a few months ago will have to jump over these barriers, suggesting that a bigger rift is forming between apple and the video game industry. Apple became the center of the game distribution controversy in August. Because epic added a payment method to its app to bypass Apple’s 30% share, fortite was removed from the app store (Google also deleted fortrite from the play store). Epic then sued apple and Google for anti competitive practices. < / P > < p > shortly after that, apple clarified its position on cloud game services, explaining that clients operated by Google, Microsoft and NVIDIA were not allowed to be used on IOS because the app store policy prohibited streaming media game platforms. Apple later softened its stance and set up an exemption clause, allowing cloud game services as long as its streaming games are submitted to the app store for review separately and accept the same policy and 30% share as other applications. < p > < p > Apple also suggests that cloud game providers can switch to mobile networks if they think the terms are unfavorable. Microsoft scoffed at the olive branch as a bad experience for consumers, while Facebook began to publicly criticize Apple’s restrictions on its own cloud game services. Neither Google nor NVIDIA publicly talked about Apple’s position on cloud games. < / P > < p > now, both Microsoft and NVIDIA have since taken Apple’s advice and decided to take the mobile network route instead of trying to work within the app store. Microsoft plans to launch an IOS version of xcloud sometime next year. However, NVIDIA is the first to launch a webrtc based geforce now beta on mobile safari. Google hasn’t announced any plans for stadia on IOS. < / P > < p > NVIDIA indicates that there are some obvious limitations involved. You’ll be able to use xboxone and Sony’s dualshock 4 controllers, as well as Razer Kishi’s controls that create mobile browsers. NVIDIA says most of geforce now’s 750 plus games work well with game controllers and can also run on mobile devices. But NVIDIA hasn’t tested the dualsense handle of the new Playstation 5, and can’t confidently say it works. Touch control will also work, although some games are not natively supported. In addition, NVIDIA said the mouse and keyboard will not work at all because the current mobile network client can not support the mouse normally. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities