According to the foreign media CNET, removing plastic pollution from the environment is a start, but turning it into something useful is a higher goal. This is not easy in practice, but ocean cleanup has become an innovator in creating clean Ocean and river solutions. < p > < p > the ocean clean project launched a live broadcast on Saturday, announcing its latest work: a pair of sunglasses with frames made entirely of plastic collected from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Chief executive Boyan slat announced the stylish sunglasses, which cost $199 and are available on the nonprofit’s website. All revenue from the sale of sunglasses will go back to the company’s mission to remove plastic from the natural environment. In an interview with CNET’s now what series, slat said that this process sorts and cleans different types of plastics before crushing them into products that look like small green particles. The particles can then be molded into different products, such as the frames of sunglasses. “The purchase of a pair of sunglasses will fund the removal of plastic from up to 20 football fields in the Great Pacific Garbage belt,” he said < / P > < p > the outer shell of the sunglasses is made of recycled plastic collected by the tissue’s prototype cleaning tool “system 001”. Also known as Wilson, it consists of a 2000 foot long U-shaped floating barrier designed to collect plastic from the surface of the ocean. < / P > < p > the ocean clean project has attracted attention because its system has been proven to be effective in cleaning up plastic from the ocean. Since then, the nonprofit has focused its business on deployment, another of the group’s inventions to capture garbage floating on rivers. At present, it has three in the Dominican Republic and Indonesia. Global Tech