For so-called “green” reasons, apple no longer ships charger accessories for this year’s iPhone 12 series smartphones. Given that there is already a large stock of mobile phone chargers on the market, the company’s move seems justifiable. However, for users upgrading from the iPhone 11 series, the original 18W usb-c charger does not match the c-to-l cable included in the iPhone 12 package to give full play to the 20W fast charging function supported by the new device. < / P > < p > it is known that the iPhone 11 is equipped with a 18W usb-c power adapter. However, users need at least 20W of power to make full use of the iPhone 12’s fast charging power. < / P > < p > what happens when the iPhone 12 is plugged into the iPhone 11’s 18W charger is not known. If Apple forced this kind of matching charging power back to 5W, users and critics will be lashed out. According to foreign media, many iPhone 12 buyers may be forced to return to the apple store to buy a fast charging adapter. In addition to Apple’s profits to a new level, the actual protection of the environment is difficult to show. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities