Although there is no iPhone 12 today, Apple has released the official version of IOS 14, and users can enjoy it. Today, the official versions of iPad os14, watch OS 14 and TV OS 14 are also released, so users of related devices have upgraded. IOS 14 brings the most significant home screen page update to date, a new design of exquisite widgets and app library, new ways to explore app store through app clips, powerful information app updates, and more wonderful functions. < / P > < p > it is reported that IOS In 14, apple finally gave the choice to the user. The default browser and email app can be taken over by a third-party program other than apple. The app that can be set as the default browser must have the basic properties of web browsing, including the text box with URL address, search box, bookmark bar, etc., which can accurately jump to the link specified by the user without redirection problems 。 < / P > < p > there are also many highlights in IOS 14, such as fixed dialogue in & quot; message & quot; applications, new privacy features, fuzzy location sharing, automatic switching of airpods / airpods pro, homekit enhancement functions: face recognition, active area, adaptive lighting, etc. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen