Watchos 7 is totally new. Now, even if your family doesn’t have an iPhone, they can use the apple watch. During the day, many innovative dials can help you to play your best; at night, the newly added sleep app will be on duty for you all night. < / P > < p > watchos 7 includes new ways to discover and share dials, sleep tracking, automatic hand washing detection, and new types of physical training, making the apple watch more powerful and personalized than ever before. Pair your family member’s apple watch with your iPhone through family sharing settings to stay in touch with your loved ones. Watchos 7 also includes the “like me expression” app, which provides a “map” of cycling routes and Siri language translation. < / P > < p > the new “stripe” dial allows you to choose the number and color of stripes, as well as rotate the angle to create a dial that reflects your style (Series 4 And later) < / P > < p > the new “typography” dial features classic, modern and rounded numbers, and can be displayed as Arabic, Arabic Indic, Tiancheng or Roman numerals (Series 4 and later) < / P > < p > the new “artist” dial is in conjunction with Geoff mcfetridge Designed in collaboration, the animation changes from one combination to another over time or as you tap the screen < / P > < p > the new “me like” dial includes all of the me like expressions you’ve created and all the me like cartoon characters (Series 4 and later) < / P > < p > the new GMT dial tracks the second time zone and displays 12 on the inner dial Local time of hour system, 24-hour time on the outer dial (Series 4 and later models) < / P > < p > the new “Chronograph professional” dial can record the time with scale of 60 seconds, 30 seconds, 6 seconds or 3 seconds, or measure the speed passing through a fixed distance in different time by a new distance meter (Series 4 and later models) And later models) < / P > < p > the new “sleep” app can help you achieve your sleep duration goal through sleep tracking, self-defined sleep timing and sleep trend view over time < / P > < p > you can use your iPhone to pair and manage watches that family members log in through their mobile phone numbers and apple IDS < / P > < p > 13 Users aged and under can track minutes of “activity” rather than dynamic calories; and track walking, running, and cycling training with more precise indicators < / P > < p > transfer money to family members via Apple cash family, and view 18 Transactions for family members under the age of (U.S. only) < / P > < p > cycling routes provide cycling lanes, bike lanes and routes suitable for cycling, taking into account height changes or street congestion < / P > < p > device side dictation enables faster and more reliable processing of requests and further privacy protection (series 4 And subsequent models, only in American English) < / P > < p > < p > the new algorithm for “dance”, “functional strength training”, “core training” and “organize and relax” in the “physical training” app can more accurately track the relevant indicators < / P > < p > manage the apple watch through the new “health Checklist” in the “health” app of iPhone Health and safety features of < / P > < p > < p > “health” app now provides new “activity ability” indicators measured by Apple watch, including low range VO2max, up and down stairs speed, and six minute walking estimate < / P > < p > users in Colombia, Israel, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are now available on the apple watch The “ECG” app < / P > < p > Apple watch series 5 on Series 4 or later models supports more interaction without waking up the screen, including accessing the control center and notification center, and changing the dial= target=_ blank>Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure