After Uber won an appeal against TFL to continue operating in the city for 18 months, just six days, one of its rivals, Ola, is in a similar predicament. Foreign media reported that Ola, an Indian based online car Hailing start-up, failed to renew its license to continue its online car Hailing business in London because it failed to meet some public safety requirements, especially related to drivers and vehicle license plates. < / P > < p > the problems pointed out by the regulatory authorities mainly focus on the hidden dangers of Ola during its operation, especially the operation involving unlicensed vehicles and unlicensed drivers for more than 1000 times. Sky News first reported that Ola failed to renew its license successfully, but the company said in an interview that it would appeal TFL’s decision with reference to Uber’s action. < / P > < p > it is understood that Ola intends to defend itself with “technical issues” on the grounds that the company and TFL use different databases to track the license licenses of online car Hailing drivers and vehicles, and the two sides have not set aside enough time to negotiate. In a statement, MD rocdal, general manager of UK, said in a statement that the company’s core principle is to work closely with regulators such as TFL and to seek fair and transparent solutions during the review. < / P > < p > Ola will take this opportunity to appeal TFL’s decision so that its online car Hailing drivers can operate safely and normally and continue to contribute to the safe and reliable travel in London. < / P > < p > since February last year, Ola has raised about $3.8 billion, which is mainly used to support business operations and compete with Uber and other companies. < / P > < p > after landing in London, Ola claims to have 25000 online car Hailing drivers, but has yet to disclose the data of various indicators completed. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities