Apple’s latest processor, A14 bionic, was introduced to the new iPad air, which broke the Convention. According to Apple’s previous practice, the latest processor must be launched by the trump brand product iPhone. However, Apple has come up with some strange tricks. After the update of the iPad product line, the new iPad air and the flagship iPad Pro are almost carved out of the same mold, and form the overall coverage from the low-end ipad Mini to the flagship iPad pro. No matter what kind of requirements you have for a tablet computer, iPad with different price and configuration can satisfy you. < p > < p > with the halo of A14 and the starting price of 5999 yuan, many people exclaim “Zhenxiang” after the release of the new iPad air. Of course, there are also different opinions that “the iPad Pro is more fragrant”. In fact, everyone is right. In short, Apple’s goal has been achieved: < / P > < p > Apple CEO Tim Cook emphasized this data again at the apple autumn conference in 2020. He announced with a smile: “more than half of iPad users are new users.” < / P > < p > the epidemic has promoted this sales situation. In the conference call, Luca and cook both mentioned the rising demand for home office, which directly led to better sales of MAC and iPad products. < p > < p > from the side, it reflects that Apple’s product strategy has achieved good results, and has intensified cook’s desire for new users. He is also satisfied with the result. This satisfaction is directly reflected in Apple’s share price. On August 19, Apple’s share price exceeded $467.65 per share. The company’s market value leaped to the threshold of 2 trillion, making it the first technology company in the world with a market value exceeding $2 trillion. < p > < p > Apple has been in the habit of releasing flagship products only once a year for many years, but it has changed in recent years. For example, the normal iteration of some products will be put on the official website quietly without any official release. On the other hand, flagship products are released only once a year, which will be covered up by the Android camp’s two or more flagship launches a year. < / P > < p > is equivalent to a flagship iPhone dealing with two Android flagship products in a year. The competitiveness of the former will gradually decrease with the update frequency of Android. Apple’s current strategy of enriching product lines can improve its ability to compete with Android camp while maintaining the original update rhythm. In other words, when Apple’s product line has developed to the present, multi SKU (SKU is stock keeping unit, which is defined as the minimum available unit of [save inventory control], commonly known as single product.) It’s already one of the trends. < / P > < p > through its rich product line, Apple has more opportunities to try and error and find growth points. The power of the iPhone 11 must have been seen. It has the magic power that ordinary mobile phones don’t have. It can “disappear” the screen frame visible to the naked eye from the user’s eyes. The success of iPhone 11 has given apple the confidence to recreate the iPhone 8 – to launch the new iPhone se, which is one of the entrances that can really bring more new users into contact with Apple products. < p > < p > in terms of products, cook’s idea is totally contrary to that of jobs. At the end of the last century, in order to save the declining Apple company at that time, jobs returned to apple and cut down most of the product lines, leaving only a few core product lines, and allowing the company to focus on these businesses – which laid the foundation for the subsequent popularity of iPods. However, in Cook’s hands, you can now see a variety of products and rich SKUs on Apple’s official website, including MacBook Air, macbook pro, iMac, IMAC pro, Mac Pro and mac mini. At the same time, apple is also providing new services, strengthening user stickiness and strengthening the vitality of new business. < p > < p > for the purpose of launching bundled subscription service, cook was frank in the press conference. This service form is a good cross promotion way. Users may need multiple services at the same time, and the corresponding platforms covered by the services will also benefit from this, such as increasing usage and increasing revenue. < / P > < p > among these devices, most people choose to use TV as the projection screen of fitness video. It is common for people to dance Zheng Duoyan and Pamela in front of TV at home. < / P > < p > at present, the vitality of Apple TV is not as good as that of other business sectors, but Apple obviously tries to improve the vitality of this business sector through fitness +. < / P > < p > to say the least, with the hardware to open up new users in front, apple can create more value by using content subscription services close to users. Even if you don’t change your hardware devices, you still have to pay Apple subscription service fees on a monthly and annual basis. With the deepening use of content services, you will be increasingly inseparable from Apple Music’s song list. Your iPhone, iPad and other devices need to be backed up, and icloud has to subscribe 2TB… < / P > < p > at the same time, it can answer the question that cook is eager for new users, because whenever there is a new user, Apple has an opportunity to cultivate old users, and they all have the potential to generate more revenue for apple. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen