According to foreign media new atlas, underwater diving enthusiasts in Miami will soon have an unusual new scenic spot to explore, which is provided by OMA. The new attraction, called reeffline, is conceived as an artificial reef and snorkeling destination with a range of works of art and will reach a total length of 7 miles (11.2 kilometers). < / P > < p > it will feature concrete modular units, stacked according to the topography of the seabed, as artificial reefs to accommodate marine life. In addition, there will also be a series of art installations accessible to snorkelers and divers, including a stair like art installation that is reminiscent of vessel in Heatherwick studio. < / P > < p > “OMA / shigematsu’s sculpture explores the nature of underwater weightlessness,” the Dutch company explained in a press release that it also completed the strangely raised Galleria earlier this year. “The staircase, a basic architectural element that implies direction and movement, is taken from its usual background and transformed into an underwater decorative building.” < / P > < p > “like the circular formation of an atoll, a series of winding spiral stairs create a three-dimensional structure reminiscent of marine life. The organic form provides a stratified area for the growth of coral reefs, and also provides space for exploration. The staircase revolves around a central forum, providing water for parties and activities. ” < / P > < p > it will feature stair like artwork and another work by Argentine concept artist Leandro Erlich, depicting an underwater traffic jam called “concrete Coral”, which will consist of concrete sculptures of cars and trucks as a symbol of emissions causing climate change (the idea is based on a sand sculpture similar to his one made in 2019). Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto and Argentine artist agustina Woodgate were also excavated for subsequent works of art. After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today