Bought a Gree air conditioner worth 100000 yuan. As a result, the company has become a “water curtain hole” due to water leakage, and the other party has a bad attitude. Who can bear such a thing? Make complaints about Zotac’s water leakage in the GREE customer service this afternoon (8). This is what happened. In 2018, they spent 100000 yuan on Gree’s air conditioner (the sales and installation company is Shenzhen jinfuchang refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd.). On August 17, this year, it began to leak in less than two years. < / P > < p > What’s more infuriating is that after the warranty, sotay was held back by Gree. Gree said that it was the installation problem and asked to find the installation site to solve it. The latter said that the time was out of warranty, and both parties kicked up the ball. < / P > < p > after various disputes, Gree installation network company finally repaired it. However, after a few days of repair, water leakage was found again in the air conditioning drainage pipe, and the problem was not solved. < p > < p > in response to this encounter, sotay said that Gree Shenzhen jinfuchang company not only showed extremely amateurish professionalism, but also had a bad attitude. It knew that problems were frequent, but it had been shirking its way. How can such a service satisfy users? Global Tech