According to astronomy experts, on October 14, two major astronomical phenomena will be staged in the sky, namely, the Venus moon and the Mars sun. If the weather is fine, the Chinese public will first enjoy the “fairy tale of stars and moons” in the morning, and then “super bright” Mars at night. Zhao Zhiheng, astronomy education expert and director of Tianjin astronomical society, said that on the morning of the 14th, if the weather is fine, people who get up early and travel in the East can clearly see a tiny crescent moon next to the bright Venus with naked eyes. These two very bright celestial bodies are closely related to each other and become a beautiful scenery in the sky. < p > < p > on the 14th, Mars will usher in the “rush day”. When Mars goes around the sun to 180 degrees different from the sun’s meridian, it is called “sun striking”. At this time, Mars and the earth, the sun is almost in a straight line, the earth is just between Mars and the sun. It’s a good time to observe Mars before and after “chongri”. < p > < p > Zhao Zhiheng said that this “Chong Ri” is close to “Da Chong” (when the earth is near the apogee and Mars “Chong Ri” occurs around perihelion) “, and the viewing effect is very good. “On that day, Mars will rise after sunset, and can be seen almost all night. The brightness can reach – 2.6, which is even brighter than Jupiter (- 2.3, etc.) that night. If you use astronomical telescopes, you can see many details of the surface of Mars Zhao Zhiheng said. < / P > < p > watching “super bright” Mars is not limited to the night of the 14th. The whole October is a good time to observe it. “As long as the weather is fine and after dark, the interested public in China will face the eastern sky and see that Mars is like a red gem inlaid in the sky, shining and gorgeous.” Zhao Zhiheng suggested. Global Tech