The epidemic is expected to have a huge impact on holiday shopping this year. According to Adobe’s early prediction, many people will turn to the Internet to shop for less contact, while buying goods for their loved ones in the same way. We are also likely to see many businesses take advantage of this to launch a variety of preferential “retail therapies” to help forget this bad year for many people. Adobe said on Wednesday it expects online holiday sales in the United States to reach a record $189 billion this year. If this estimate comes true, it will represent a 33% year-on-year increase in online sales, roughly equivalent to two years of single quarter growth. < / P > < p > in addition, if there is another wave of stimulus checks in the United States and a second round of physical retail closures, online spending could even exceed $200 billion. < p > < p > Adobe said in its latest research report that online shopping weeks usually run from Thanksgiving to online Monday, but it expects November and December this year to become a rare “online month.”. According to the analysis, daily online sales will exceed $2 billion from November 1 to November 21, and will increase to $3 billion from November 22 to December 3. &Online sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday will reach $10 billion and $12.7 billion respectively, up 39% and 35% year on year. < / P > < p > how consumers will shop can be as telling as how much they will spend. Adobe estimates that 42% of its online sales revenue this year will come from shopping orders on mobile phones, an increase of 55% compared with that in 2019. Global Tech