Our reporter (reporter Cui Chunhua) learned from the Provincial Department of Commerce on February 7 that in 2020, our province will speed up the development of rural e-commerce, the online retail sales of agricultural products will increase by 41.7% year on year, and e-commerce live delivery will become a new hot spot.

In 2020, our province will strive for 11 national e-commerce comprehensive demonstration projects in rural areas to achieve full coverage of 56 poverty-stricken counties and 16 underdeveloped old revolutionary base counties; 73 county-level e-commerce public service centers and 7890 village level e-commerce service stations will be built, and e-commerce services will cover all towns and 50% of administrative villages.

At the same time, our province vigorously promoted live e-commerce and social e-commerce, launched the “Sanqin haowuji” media interactive live broadcasting activity, held the shaanhuo Taobao live Shopping Festival, trained 160000 e-commerce people, and the number of e-commerce in the province exceeded 820000. The rural e-commerce work in Meixian County was commended by the State Council.