Amazon announced a one-time bonus of more than $500 million to reward employees who remain at work during the outbreak and the holiday season. It is worth noting that this year’s Thanksgiving Day is particularly special. When the epidemic is raging, the American people greatly reduce their going out. To some extent, online “hand chopping” has replaced the former shopping spree. said on its website that U.S. operating employees who worked from December 1 to December 31 will receive $300 in bonuses and part-time employees will receive $150. In June, Amazon also paid a $500 million one-time bonus to front-line employees and partners. < p > < p > Amazon is not the only company that pays employees. Many retailers, including Wal Mart and home depot, have previously paid out millions of dollars in bonuses to compensate employees for handling the surge of online shopping orders during the outbreak. < / P > < p > in response to the surge in orders, Amazon has been recruiting more people before the shopping season. At the end of October, Amazon announced that it would recruit 100000 seasonal employees to cope with the coming shopping season. In May, Amazon also said it would provide permanent jobs for 70% of the 175000 employees employed during the worst of the epidemic. During the epidemic period, Amazon encountered a lot of criticism. From March 1 to September 19, 19816 American front-line employees were infected with the new coronavirus. During the prime day of Amazon this year, a large number of employees also went on strike to protest that the distribution work was too heavy, but the treatment did not keep up. Global Tech