After the release of cyberpunk 2077, the huge performance problems of PS4 and Xbox one have caused a lot of controversy. At present, cdpr has also agreed to refund the host version. However, opencritical, a foreign rating aggregation website, accuses cdpr of criticizing the ratings of this generation of host version of cyberpunk 2077 on its website. < / P > < p > Please note: the PC, next generation console and xboxone / PS4 version of this game (cyberpunk 2077) are quite different in performance, player experience and rating. The opencritical team and some reviewers suspect that the developer cdpr intends to hide the real state of the game on the Xbox one / PS4 rating, requiring that only pre rendered game clips be allowed to be evaluated, and that comments on the Xbox one / PS4 retail version are not allowed. < p > < p > “cyberpunk 2077” went on sale on December 10 after three ticket jumps. Cdpr released the PC version in advance for media evaluation. Although there are still many bugs in the game, the PC evaluation version is still very popular with the media. < / P > < p > in an article released on Monday, opencritical co-founder Matthew Enthoven wrote: “early positive media reviews mean that cyberpunk 2077 will soon enter the opencritical game hall of fame. In the game hall of fame in 2020, cyberpunk 2077’s initial average score is 91, ranking sixth.” < / P > < p > however, the ratings of the current generation host version of cyberpunk 2077 were strictly limited before the release, and after the release, the performance of cyberpunk 2077 on the basic PS4 and Xbox one was severely criticized by fans and the media, which digital foundry called “unacceptable” in its performance analysis. < / P > < p > Matthew Enthoven, co-founder of opencritical, said: “they (cdpr) know what they’re doing is wrong. This is deception, selfishness and exploitation. ” Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities