Apple opened its new Marina Bay Sands retail store in Singapore on Thursday, and YouTube channel superadrianme TV produced a video to give viewers a real sense of visiting this amazing and unique building. < / P > < p > the video includes pictures of Apple welcoming customers when it officially opens, the 45 meter long underwater entrance tunnel starting from basement 2 of Marina Bay Sands shopping mall, and the scene of taking a long escalator to the top. It also shows the dome of the main building, including the central ring at the top of the structure and the surrounding blinds, to illuminate the interior and protect customers from the midday sun. < / P > < p > the store includes not only the usual product display area and the huge video wall supporting the forum, but also Apple’s first underwater board room for business meetings, training and private events. < p > < p > Apple’s Marina Bay Sands is the company’s third retail store in Singapore. Visitors on the opening day can only be reserved through the store’s website. Global Tech