According to the intelligence data of sensor tower store, since the global synchronous listing on September 28, MIHA you’s “original God” mobile terminal’s estimated revenue of $393 million in two months. As an open World RPG game, “the original God” was popular among global players when it came into the market. In the first week, it attracted $60 million in mobile terminal, and the first month’s income was as high as 245 million US dollars. The popularity of the next month remained stable, with revenue of nearly 148 million US dollars. < p > < p > in the past two months, “original God” ranked second in the global mobile game revenue list, second only to Tencent’s “King’s glory”, surpassing “peace elite” and “pubg mobile”, with an average daily revenue of more than $6 million on the mobile terminal. < p > < p > similar to the situation in the first month of listing, the market with the highest revenue of Yuanshen in the past two months is still China. Krypton gold of Chinese IOS players exceeds 120 million US dollars, accounting for 30.5% of the total global mobile terminal revenue. Overseas mobile game players contributed nearly $273 million, accounting for 69.5%. Among them, Japanese players contributed 98 million US dollars, accounting for 25%; American players contributed 74 million US dollars, accounting for 18.8%. In the four markets with the highest revenue (China, Japan, the United States and South Korea), the original God has ranked No. 5 in the local mobile game bestseller list since its listing. < p > < p > although the revenue of the next month of listing is slightly lower than that of the first month, Yuanshen still ranks the third in the global mobile game revenue list, with an average daily revenue of nearly $5 million. With revenue from the past two months, the game has ranked 29th in the global mobile game revenue list for the first 11 months of 2020. As an original IP created by Chinese manufacturers, “original God” has become the most popular game in the world recently; with the operation strength of MIHA tour, the game will still bring surprise to the industry in the future. [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States