A few months ago, it was reported that Samsung Electronics was looking for an alternative OLED supplier other than Samsung display for the next generation of Galaxy S models. Among them, BOE was exposed to have participated in early communication, but it is said that the test products did not meet Samsung’s quality requirements. However, according to the latest news from Korean media, BOE is still trying to win Samsung’s screen orders in the future, although multiple sources have revealed that S21 is definitely out of business.

BOE is currently the world’s largest LCD panel manufacturer, and is tapping the potential of OLED business, cultivating new growth and profit momentum. There is no doubt that if you can get the favor of Samsung Galaxy S, it will be a great affirmation to BOE.

Unfortunately, the reason why Samsung Electronics finally excluded BOE in the device selection of Galaxy S21 is still unknown. Some analysts believe that it must be the brother company saysung display that has taken some measures, such as offering a lower price to Samsung mobile.

at present, BOE’s OLED has entered the apple watch supply chain. It is rumored that BOE will provide screens for iPhone as soon as possible from the iPhone 12 series.