In almost any industry, there will be a period of blooming flowers, but few brands can persist. A large number of once quite classic brands are slowly disappearing into the long river of history. Pan Zheng, formerly known as epox, was founded in Taipei, Taiwan Province in February 1995. The following year, it established its PC motherboard as its core business. In 1998, it entered the mainland market. However, due to the rush to register the pan Ying brand, it had to change its name to panzheng. In 2006, its English name was changed to supox. < p > < p > panzheng motherboard has been focusing on cost performance for a long time, and it also has some bright points in technology. For example, amdk6 motherboard, which first launched via viavision chipset in 1995, made a great success on AMD K7 platform in 1999, had a powerful 8rda with overclocking in 2001, and once became the synonym of “K8 package” and 8kDa which created the myth of Internet bar sales in 2004 < / P > < p > at present, there are still many motherboard products under panzheng, but they are all entry-level old platforms, such as Intel h310, H61, b360, B250, AMD B350, A320, a96, and so on. There is no new product in the latest generation or two platforms. Global Tech