“February is still a period of price reduction. It has increased by more than 30% compared with that time. The increase in the last three months is between 5% and 10% On September 9, Wang Cheng (pseudonym), a panel resource planner for a domestic head appliance enterprise, told the economic observer. Wang Cheng is mainly responsible for the planning of the company’s panel resources, including which panel to use, how much and how to use it. According to him, the most intuitively perceived shortage of panel in the market was in June, while the price of panel began to rise a little in April, and the increase continued to expand in the last three months. < / P > < p > “in my impression, the company’s leaders started to fly to the city where the panel manufacturers are located. We have basically reached a consensus within us. If our own boss visits panel manufacturers more frequently, it means that panel prices are rising. On the contrary, the boss of the panel factory comes to visit frequently, indicating that the panel is in the price reduction. ” Song Gang (pseudonym), a middle-level employee of a northern household appliance enterprise, told reporters. < / P > < p > according to the market quotation, the price of opencel (LCD panel without backlight module) rose again in August. Among them, the supply of small size such as 32 inch is still in short supply. In August, the price rose by 5 US dollars, or about 10%. The 55 inch panel rose more than $10 in August, an increase of about 9%. “Looking back at the past decade or so, panel prices have shown an obvious cyclical rise and fall feature. Generally speaking, there is a cycle of about three years. In this cycle, a year and a half is in a low price period, and a year and a half is in a high price area. However, the recent rise and fall cycle has changed significantly. The panel has hovered in the low price area for more than two years, and has not entered the high price area. It can be said that the price of the panel has started to rise, and it has been more than a year late Liu buchen, an industry observer, said that there are many reasons why the panel has been hovering in the low price area in this round of cycle. The main reason is that in recent years, China’s panel production capacity has risen rapidly, and the competition among enterprises is very fierce, which has hindered the price rise to a certain extent. < / P > < p > “at the beginning of this year, LGD announced that it would shut down its domestic TV panel production capacity, and Samsung also announced that it would withdraw from the LCD market by the end of this year. The clearance of Korean manufacturers is also one of the promoters of this round of LCD panel price rise. ” Song Gang believes that the withdrawal of Korean production capacity leads to a supply gap, and the expected decline in demand under the epidemic situation has not been realized, resulting in structural price rise of LCD panels. According to the previous forecast data of group intelligence consulting, LGD production area is expected to decrease by 35% in 2020, Samsung by 28% and global TV panel capacity by 1.7% year on year. “Judging from the characteristics of this price increase, take TV panel as an example, it is a rapid rise in the short term. The increase in the third quarter should be said to be the highest in the past five years, which is indeed a bit of a record breaking.” Group intelligence consulting general manager Li Yaqin said. < / P > < p > “most of the panels used by our company are BOE and csot. Other manufacturers use a little less, but they are basically useful. The price increases in this sector are basically the same as those in mainland China, and China’s Taiwan manufacturers are slightly higher. Wang Cheng said that in the past few months, not all panel manufacturers had the same growth rate. Relatively speaking, the growth rate of panel suppliers from Taiwan was higher than that of all panel manufacturers in mainland China. From the panel manufacturers’ distribution,

is a major supplier in mainland China, Chinese mainland Taiwan and South Korea. BOE and csot are among the top two in the LCD panel market. < p > < p > Wang Cheng said that the withdrawal of LG and Samsung will have a greater impact on the supply and demand of medium and high-end panels in LCD panels, while the transfer to panel manufacturers will have a greater impact on Taiwan funded panel manufacturers. < / P > < p > in Wang Cheng’s household appliance enterprises, the basic consensus is that the price increase will continue to the second half of the year. “On the one hand, production capacity has been withdrawn; on the other hand, new capacity has not been released; on the other hand, some products have been snatched away by it. In the second half of this year, the contradiction between supply and demand of LCD panel is quite obvious.” Based on this, Wang Cheng’s household appliance enterprises adjusted their strategies. “In the past, we planned products more from the demand side. Now we plan products from the user side and the market side. Next year, we will push back the rationality of the market situation and product planning from the resource side. It may also include the adjustment of specific product structure, such as the ratio of product size to panel size. If it is not satisfied, it is necessary to find an alternative scheme in advance. ” Wang Cheng. < / P > < p > under the influence of this round of panel price rise, downstream manufacturers adjust not only the panel resource planning strategy, but also the price of end products. Previously, Wang Zhiguo, chairman and President of Skyworth RGB, publicly said that the entry-level products rose by about 15% month on month compared with August, while the growth of medium and high-end products was small. In addition, TCL color TV has also started to increase prices since August. < p > < p > according to the data provided by group intelligence consulting to the economic observer, with the end of overseas peak season stock up, and the impact of the rapid rise of panel price on terminal demand is expected to gradually appear, LCDTV panel price is expected to maintain an upward trend in September, but the increase has narrowed. Among them, 32 inch supply is in short supply, which is expected to rise by $3 in September, and 55 inch is expected to fall back to less than $10 in September. “It is worth noting or vigilant that the rapid rise of panel prices in a short period of time will put greater pressure on downstream machine manufacturers. At present, especially for the TV category, the price competition among brands in the early stage is very fierce, which leads to the continuous decline of the sales price of the whole machine. Now, the sharp rise of the panel has driven the price of the whole machine up. If the panel price continues to rise, the price of TV set will rise again. After the epidemic, the purchasing power of consumers will decrease. In addition, if the profit of TV brand decreases, the promotion will be weakened. The superposition of these factors will have a negative impact on the downstream demand side and affect the activity of downstream industries. ” Li Yaqin said. < p > < p > in the view of Huatai Securities analysts, the accelerated upward trend of LCD panel price and the weakening of industry cycle attribute mean that Chinese head panel manufacturers have entered the harvest period. “Reviewing the development of LCD industry, the large-scale reverse cycle investment in Korea, Taiwan and China China is the main cause of the industry cycle fluctuations. At present, the scale advantage of high generation line of leading large factories is significant. In 2019, the gross profit rate of BOE and csot are 15.18% and 10.34%, respectively, which is significantly higher than the average level of 8.07% in the industry < p > < p > Li Yaqin believes that the impact of the panel price hike is complex. But there is no doubt that it will bring about the adjustment of panel manufacturers’ pattern. The reduction or withdrawal of Korean panel factories will be conducive to the promotion of China’s panel status. Recently, at a media exchange event held by BOE, BOE executives said that Samsung, LG and other international manufacturers would withdraw from the LCD panel market or reduce production, and domestic manufacturers would lead the development of global LCD industry. BOE also adheres to an open attitude in this process, and does not rule out the possibility of active participation according to changes in the industry. “According to our statistics, China’s mainland panel factories accounted for 55% of the total supply of TV panels in the first half of this year. In other categories, the share of China’s panel factories has also increased to varying degrees, and the share of Chinese panel factories in each application market is more than 35%. Through this round of changes and changes after the outbreak, the share of China’s mainland panel plant will also be significantly improved. Li Yaqin said. IPhone 12 whole family barrel model exposed: it’s a tribute to iPhone 4