It was reported on November 11 that when the e-commerce double 11 National Congress was promoted in 2020, there were still disputes between businesses and the platform. A screenshot circulated on the Internet shows that the employees of liangpin shop are likely to quarrel with each other because they don’t want to change the price of commodities at will. At the same time, a screenshot of Jie Xiaofeng, vice president of liangpin shop group, said in the circle of friends that “there is no such person in the company, this news is not true.”. < p > < p > in terms of’s technology verification, the public relations personnel of liangpin store said that the vice president disclosed that the screenshot of Feng Feng was true, but they had just learned about it, and they were “checking” at present, and said that the cooperation between liangpin store and Ali on the 11th day is still in normal progress. Ali did not comment. < p > < p > liangpin store is the leading brand of online snack brands. During the double 11 period last year, the total channel terminal retail sales of the brand exceeded 560 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of more than 40%. The number of tmall double-11 card holders exceeded 11.3 million, ranking first in the category of zero food. < p > < p > the screenshot of the website shows that an employee of a suspected good product shop said in a group chat, “we really can’t afford to change your prices in such a random way”, and the employee said that the price change process of tmall employees did not negotiate with the brand side at all, “forcing price tracking, price comparison and price change”, leading to the price system out of control. The employee asked, “now cat super, has begun to absorb business blood for a living?” < / P > < p > after that, a suspected tmall employee replied in the group chat, “Maochao respects your suggestions and cancels the promotion of all good products, but please respect the platform of Maochao.”. The staff of the above-mentioned good products shop later apologized in the group chat. Jie Xiaofeng, vice president of liangpin shop group, responded in a circle of friends that there was no such person in the company, which was not true. The public relations personnel of liangpin store told Phoenix technology that they are currently checking the matter internally and “are still checking this matter with general manager Jie”. As of press release, Alibaba did not comment on the matter. < p > < p > compared with previous years, Alibaba has extended the promotion cycle of its tmall double 11 this year, and introduced more game playing methods. This morning, tmall disclosed to the public that from 0:30 on November 1 to November 11, the total transaction volume of tmall’s double 11 exceeded 372.3 billion yuan, exceeding 268.4 billion yuan of last year’s double 11, but their statistical caliber is different. Global Tech