Peloton has removed some tags related to the qanon conspiracy theory from its online fitness platform, according to business insider. Peloton took action after a tweet from the Washington Post editor earlier this week. A spokesman for peloton told Bi that the company had “a zero tolerance policy for hate content” and removed the qanon label that violated the policy. Qanon is a false conspiracy theory, claiming that President trump is secretly planning to arrest and send coded information about his plans to prominent politicians and celebrities from paedophiles or cannibals. It’s growing on social media platforms, and multiple qanon followers have been accused of violence. < / P > < p > other social media platforms are also trying to prevent the proliferation of qanon content. Last week, Facebook banned qanon entirely and labeled it a “militarized social movement,” while Etsy banned all qanon products, saying they violated its policy of promoting hatred and violence. Twitter also cracked down on qanon content. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen