Recently, Alibaba Group Holding Co., Ltd. was put on file for investigation by the State Administration of market supervision due to “one out of two” and other suspected monopolistic behaviors. This move has been widely concerned by the whole society, and also triggered people’s thinking about the development of platform economy. In recent years, platform economy has made positive contributions to better meet the needs of consumers, promote the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, and promote high-quality economic development. < / P > < p > however, with the rapid rise of platform economy, the abuse of market advantage is increasing, resulting in a series of problems, such as restricting competition, price discrimination, damaging the rights and interests of consumers, destroying the order of market competition and hindering industry innovation. The regulation of illegal activities affecting fair competition is conducive to the better and more healthy development of platform economy. < / P > < p > the development of platform economy is inseparable from scale effect and network effect, but it does not mean that platform enterprises can move towards monopoly. Monopoly is not the gene and privilege of platform enterprises. Looking back on the development process of China’s Internet industry, it is not difficult to find that excellent platform enterprises are all fighting in fair competition. Today’s large enterprises and platforms are all started from small companies and small websites in those years. It is driven by the fierce market competition that the platform economy shows its vitality and unlimited potential, and continuously promotes the continuous innovation of technology and business model. Therefore, all parties are looking forward to today’s big enterprises and big platforms to leave opportunities for healthy competition for small companies and small websites. Large Internet platform enterprises should take the lead in strengthening industry self-discipline, further enhance the sense of social responsibility, and maintain a good internet economic ecosystem. < / P > < p > competition is the cornerstone of market economy, and monopoly is the enemy of market economy. No matter what stage and format, fair competition is the power source of sustainable development of an industry. Strengthening anti-monopoly supervision and maintaining fair and orderly competition in the field of platform economy are conducive to giving full play to the role of platform economy in efficiently matching supply and demand, reducing transaction costs and developing potential markets, and promoting the optimization of resource allocation, technological progress and efficiency improvement. More importantly, antitrust can effectively reduce market entry barriers, form an open and inclusive development environment, allow more market players to share the dividend of digital economy development, effectively stimulate the innovation and creativity of the whole society, and build new advantages and new momentum for economic and social development. Therefore, strengthening anti-monopoly supervision is not contradictory to strengthening the platform economy, nor will it stifle the innovation gene of the Internet industry. On the contrary, it is a strong protection for the development environment of the platform economy. < / P > < p > in fact, the Internet industry has never been and should not be a place outside the anti-monopoly law. As a new thing, the governance rules of the Internet economy is a new topic faced by all countries in the world. For the sake of the new industry form and the new industry platform, we have been very cautious in our supervision. But Internet companies also need to be law-abiding. The anti monopoly law, which was implemented in 2008, gives equal treatment to domestic and foreign investors, state-owned and private enterprises, large and medium-sized enterprises, Internet enterprises and traditional enterprises, and ensures that all kinds of market players participate in market competition equally. Although the competition in the field of platform economy presents new characteristics such as multilateral market, dynamic competition, cross-border competition and network effect, the essence and essence of anti-monopoly laws and regulations are still applicable. It is necessary to update and improve laws and regulations with the times, so as to create a transparent and predictable legal system environment for the development of platform economy. At present, all countries in the world are improving the regulation and strengthening the anti-monopoly supervision in the field of Internet, which is to ensure the effectiveness of industry competition and effectively safeguard the rights and interests of consumers. < / P > < p > for platform economy, strengthening anti-monopoly supervision will not bring “winter” to the industry, but a new starting point for better and healthier development. Throughout the history of the Internet economy, antitrust has removed many obstacles for the healthy development of the industry. In a certain sense, it is European and American countries that restrict the technology giants such as Microsoft and IBM through anti-monopoly, which promotes the birth and growth of new Internet talents such as Google, apple, Facebook and Amazon, and brings strong vitality to the industry. At present, the strengthening of anti-monopoly supervision in China is conducive to better stimulate market vitality and plant a good soil for the continuous emergence and vigorous growth of platform enterprises. < / P > < p > a single flower is not spring, a hundred flowers bloom in spring. This anti-monopoly investigation is an opportunity to enhance the awareness of fair competition and anti-monopoly compliance of Internet enterprises, and also an opportunity to open the platform economy for innovative, orderly and healthy development. It is believed that China’s enterprises will have a better understanding of the relationship between the development of the Internet industry and the healthy development of the whole industry. Global Tech