In celebration of Bailey’s 80th birthday, Google put colored eggs in its search today. When users search for “pel é” and scroll to the bottom of the results page, you’ll see a Google logo with a soccer ball, and the tenth “O” is a soccer ball to commemorate the number of his jersey. < / P > < p > and after clicking on the football, an animation will pop up. The “a” after the “O” will kick the ball out like a goalkeeper and then hit the top capital “g”. G will kick the ball into the goal on the letter “L”, and the football will roll back to the tenth “O” position. Pele é, whose full name is Edson arantes do Nascimento, was born in Brazil on October 23, 1940. He was a former famous Brazilian football player and forward. He was once known as “the king of football” by FIFA. In 1956, Pele began his career with Santos. During his career, Pele won two South American liberators’ Cup, two Intercontinental Cup titles, six Brazilian National Championships (predecessor) and eleven Sao Paulo State Football League titles. In 1957, Pele was selected into the Brazilian national team, representing the Brazilian team in 92 matches, scoring 77 goals, and winning the World Cup championships in 1958, 1962 and 1970. He retained the Rimet cup for Brazil forever and was the only player who won the world cup three times. In July 1971, Pele announced his withdrawal from the Brazilian team. In October 1974, Pele retired. In 1975, the U.S. New York universe football club came back, won the championship in 1977, and announced its retirement in October of the same year. In 1980, Pele was named “the best player of the 20th century” by the French “L’Equipe” and several newspapers, and “one of the best athletes of the 20th century” by the International Olympic Committee in 1999, the first Lawrence Lifetime Achievement Award in 2000, and “one of the best players of the 20th century” by FIFA in 2001. In the same year, French football organized 30 golden ball winners to jointly select him as the best player, and was also listed by time magazine as the most influential 100 figures in the 20th century. In 2004 FIFA centennial celebration Bailey and “football emperor” Beckenbauer were jointly recommended by 204 member states of the official Congress to win the FIFA century best player and best football celebrity award. In 2012, Pele was officially awarded the “best player of all time” by the Golden Foot award. In 2013, he won the first honorary Golden Globe Award. Global Tech

By ibmwl