In the filings filed today in the Northern California district court, neither apple nor Epic Games wants the case between the two to be postponed to a jury trial until July this year. It is reported that the two companies have met, both sides agreed that the dispute between the two companies should be handed over to the court for judgment, and the specific trial date is to be determined. “Epic and apple have met and deliberated, and both agree that epic’s claim and Apple’s counterclaim should be heard by the court, not by a jury,” it wrote. Accordingly, with the consent of epic, apple hereby withdraws its request for a jury trial under Rule 38 (d) of the federal rules of civil procedure. The parties hereby request that this case (including related claims and counterclaims) be tried in accordance with the timetable decided by the court. ” < p > < p > in its counterclaim against Epic Games, apple originally asked for a trial by jury, but Apple withdrew this request after the supervising court judge told the companies that she did not want to try two cases separately. As the virtual hearing in the Northern District Court of California drew to a close on Monday morning, judge Rogers told epic and Apple’s legal team that while a case like this could be handled by one or more judges, it might be more appropriate for ordinary people to be involved as a jury, and the verdict is less likely to be overturned by a higher court. Global Tech